Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Contractor State Certification vs. Local Licenses

If a contractor obtains a state "Certificate of Competency" this entitles said contractor to an occupational license in any portion of the state for the specific trade that has been been certified. A contractor that has received state certification is also known as a "Certified Contractor". Meaning, the contractor can work anywhere in the state and does not need to obtain a local certificate. On the other hand, if a contractor obtains a local license, said contractor can only perform the scope of work that was certified within that specific county. Meaning, the contractor can only work in the county in which he obtained a local license. In addition, contractors who obtain a local license might also have to "register" with the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board. Contractor's who obtain a local license and register with the state are known as "Registered Contractors". It is critically important that all contractors be properly licensed. For more information please visit Florida Statute 489